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Timeless Veterinary Systems captures global attention

ICT companies can generate world-class innovation while based in P.E.I.

By Margaret Magner

tvms-screensThe recent introduction of VPR Cloud Powered by Timeless Veterinary Systems has propelled the ICT company to the forefront of global innovation with advanced point-of-care medical technologies created in P.E.I.  “Our mandate is to raise the game in veterinary medicine with technology tools and world-class innovation,” says John Rowe, CEO of the Charlottetown-based company. Last week’s announcement that Timeless has been honoured with the 2016 Technology Award for Best Veterinary Medical Treatment Procurement Platform by globally distributed TMT News is indicative of the company’s role as a key player in a field it’s actually inventing.  

VPR Cloud is the product of an astute collaboration between Timeless and Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (VPR), the most widely adopted veterinary drug formulary in the U.S.A. VPR was impressed by the success of the Timeless Vet Drug Index™ — an evidence-based mobile application with constantly updated drug information facilitating diagnostic decisions for cats and dogs that was quickly embraced by veterinarians in more than 100 countries. Seeking to upgrade its technology and incorporate peer-reviewed evidence, VPR approached Timeless to partner on an all-species cloud-based formulary.  The result — VPR Cloud — incorporates the best of both drug formularies. Leveraging VPR’s well-established North American relationships, Timeless will now have access to over 90 percent of that market and will be featured in 40,000 veterinary clinics in Canada and the U.S.     

“We created the most competitive, up-to-date veterinary tool in the world, completely web-based but delivered through Cloud infrastructure to any device. It’s a game changer for the industry and a massive opportunity for us,” says Rowe. “VPR has 15 years of established relationships. It’s opened doors to most vet clinics virtually overnight and exposes the world to our product and technology. It would have taken us years on our own.”

Rowe is convinced ICT companies can generate world-class innovation while remaining based in P.E.I. “We’ve proven we can compete toe-to-toe anywhere in the world,” says Rowe. “Others can do it, too.” Rowe returned home to P.E.I. to launch Timeless, as well as honey-based product innovator Island Abbey Foods. “There’s a competitive advantage to P.E.I. We have a top veterinary college and researchers, R&D capital, public/private partnerships, and talented people — plus the quality of life that attracts them. To succeed, we need to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.”

With two new employees on board, Timeless will be actively expanding its Charlottetown operation hiring ten more within the next two years. It will promote its proprietary information technology to other international companies looking to revenue share and pursue market prospects.

John Rowe continues to mentor others in the ICT sector. “I was mentored myself and feel the obligation to give back. My advice is to go out and make it happen. Dream your dreams, then make them a reality. They won’t come to you.”

Margaret Magner, Ph.D., is a freelance journalist in Charlottetown (


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  • Date : October 19, 2016

  • Category : Case Study

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