National Economy


The experts agree – Canada is financially stable, fiscally strong, and offers opportunities for growth. Here’s what they’re saying about Canada:

The best place in G-7 to do business in 2010 and for the next four years, says the Economist Intelligence Unit. The lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in the G-7.

The lowest overall business costs in G-7 – 5% lower than the US, says KPMG. Within Canada, Prince Edward Island consistently ranks as one of the top five lowest cost locations.

Some of the best Research & Development supports in the world. Generous tax benefits; the lowest costs in the G-7 in R&D intensive sectors (up to 12.9% lower than the US, per KPMG); leading university and research infrastructure; and the highest relative spending on higher education R&D.

IMD says Canada was #1 in the G-7 for effectiveness in surviving the financial crisis and ability to improve its near future competitive position.

Canada has recouped virtually all of the output lost during the recession – the best performance in the G-7. According to World Economic Forum, Canada has the world’s soundest banking system. No Canadian bank or insurer failed or required bailouts during a time when financial institutions around the world were collapsing.

The International Monetary Fund projects that Canadian government finances will be largely balanced by 2015, the best performance in the G-7. Our strong fiscal position means we can keep taxes down and provide stability for investors.